Changing the World, One Bathroom at a Time!

I’m not a bad person…

But I’ll admit, I am the person who sits on her rear thinking up a million ways to change the world, knowing full well it’s too much effort to get up to her papers on the printer, let alone implement any astounding moments of genius she might strike.

But maybe we take it too far and we expect too much of ourselves.

What if we could just change one person’s world, for one day.

Here’s how I’d like it done…

“Flashback Friday!”

You are once again 12, you hate using the school dunnies. Every time you dig your shoulder into the heavy door it lets out a groan and your stomach churns. You hold your breath and wait for the queen bees to emerge from the dark rabbit warren and cause you grief because the day before wasn’t enough for them. But on this day, you shoulder the door and it does not groan. You enter an open room, lit up like a castle and your eye is drawn to the full height cubicles ahead. It seems for the first time in forever you can confidently and comfortably use the school bathroom with a sense of security.

One small world is changed in a big way!

Now back to the present…

After a long day of sales calls you drag yourself to your motel room and half heartedly shove the key into the latch. That’s when it hits you…you forgot your sandals. While your exhausted brain devises many an innovative solution to free you from a seemingly inevitable barefoot expedition in the shower, you walk right into an unbeatably luxurious, glistening bathroom. It’s then, that you step back, grab the complementary wine, crack it and take a long swig! Never again to pack your sandals.

One world, one person, one day…TICK!

Recent studies have shown that exercise is necessary. 😝
So you have been running to work every morning. No one needs to know how fast, because regardless if it was a glorified plod, noses begin to turn just slightly to the left when you enter the office. You inwardly sigh as you picture the trickle of rusty water that will hesitantly drip from the old showerhead and no doubt do wonders for the funky scent you are now emitting. But “TAADAA”, you come out the other side smelling and looking as fresh a daisy because the new end of trip facilities even offered you a blow dryer and a backlit mirror!

I’ve come to it that changing the world is not met with sleighbells and fireworks. You can change anyone’s world, any day, in a small way. Bathrooms are a necessity, but we want to make them a luxury. 😉

Contact us if you need a bit of a shove along to start changing the world! 😃

Thanks for reading!…Talk again soon! 😊