Epoxy flooring is the solution to Australia’s biggest commercial washroom gripe! Here’s why…

Let’s suppose I am correct in assuming that a large portion of the Australian population either avoid public washrooms as much as possible or use them with amazing speed when the need does arise.

Why are we so keen to distance ourselves from these areas? Because they stink, right?

So, the burning question for landlords, councils, franchisees and facility managers alike is how to fix this all too common drama with their less than savory scented amenities.

2 facts we need to know to solve this daily dilemma.

Where does the delightful aroma come from? And how can we do away with it?

Would you believe it? The stench does NOT come from the toilet or the urinal that many and varied members of the public have no doubt made use of by the time the rest of us unenthusiastically decide we have no choice but to follow suit. Both ceramic and stainless steel are impermeable and cleaned daily (we hope! 😝) If nothing can build up and nothing can penetrate, nothing rots!

NEWSFLASH!…What smells is the grout between the floor tiles. When unsealed grout is exposed to any form of moisture or grime, it absorbs. As grout ages in a commercial washroom, it becomes a constant battle to keep on top of the build up without regular and vigorous cleaning.

Malodorous mystery solved! But what’s the fix?

Epoxy Flooring.

A highly durable, totally waterproof veneer that is applied in several coats to your exiting floor and coved up the walls. This non-porous, stain resistant surface will not grab hold of any moisture, grease or bacteria, and its seamless, solid gloss finish allows for the use of harsh chemicals and makes maintenance fast and pain free.

Epoxy flooring can be installed at any required slip rating from R10-R13 and is available in a wide range of colours. It is built for high pressure, high traffic environments and is renowned for its lengthy life span!

There you have it, the reason why we love epoxy flooring and you should too!

Thanks for stopping by, talk again next fortnight! 😊