Could monochrome be your new best friend?

Monochrome so often brings to mind unconvincing, lifeless interiors void of charm and décor. These design blunders created under the guise of minimalism have long tainted monochromes’ name as a restrictive and dull sense of style.

However, there is a whole rainbow of textures and hues between the lines of black and white. Do right by them and they will give you more than you could have imagined. Monochrome is timeless, limitless and surprisingly refreshing in a modern world so abundantly dominated by colour.

Speaking of colour…lets hit rewind for a sec.

I’m sure we all, from time to time, affectionately reminisce over the homey terracotta tiles and peach vanities of our childhood. If you are lucky enough, there’s a few shades of avocado mixed into those memories. Can we agree though, that at some point we must part with past, the floral wallpaper borders, the friendly blue dolphins that so frequently swam laps around the walls of a truly 90s bathroom and perhaps the biggest calamity of all, the combination of federation and a festive palette of maroon and bottle green. Just how long did it take us to realise that stained glass and bathrooms were never going to be pals? 😝

Confidence does not exactly soar upon entry of a sketchy, dated bathroom. You feel certain the lock won’t function and can only shudder when the toilet offers up a feeble cough as an attempt to flush – recollections of experimental plumbing quickly flooding in.

So, my point…will we learn from our mistakes?

Who would have thought the very colour palettes that evoked a warm sense of home just 30 years ago, would be our worst nightmare as we navigate interior design in the 21st century?

I am, at the moment, loving the pale pink terrazzo, brushed gold tapware and trendy navy-blue cabinetry but inevitably the generation to come will look back and cringe in the very same fashion we do today.

Monochrome opens a world of possibilities and you pretty much can’t go wrong. Throw a myriad of textures, and a century of styles in the same room and watch them perform. Fearless layering is the answer to conquering monochrome. Don’t hold back, give it all you’ve got!

We all love a bit of originality but don’t get too hung up on colour. When your beautifully imagined palette crumbles on paper, remember that everything in a monochrome world matches, and that sometimes what we think is our worst enemy, turns out to be a first-class friend! 😉

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you around! 😊