The humble toilet is no longer.

Be it a blessing or a curse in the renovation game, the toilet has become a most prestigious throne, and rightly so after many centuries of valuable service! Undoubtedly, it’s the most important fixture in your bathroom and anyone who has reveled in the privilege of a dodgy outback dunny would heartily agree.

The big question, have you met your match? Or is the perfect one still on the market? 😃
We are here to reassure you that there is a toilet out there for you.

So guys, get your checklist ready because we are about to embark on a good old compatibility test to dig up a winner!

Realising the balance between function and show is vital. I would be the first to put my hand in the air for looks, but my ever-practical dad would bring me back to earth with a thump, and scrap most aesthetics for a perfectly functioning beast.

The good news, you can have both!

Make sure that you are choosing a loo that fits the room, and most importantly the plumbing.
Depending on the way you are piped…you will need to select a P-trap, an S-trap or a skew trap toilet.

In simple terms:
A P-trap toilet shoots waste out the back, an S-trap sends it to the underground and a skew trap propels it on a perpendicular. Nice, I know.
Take care to check your waste pipe set out measurement and your water inlet position before getting emotionally attached to a beauty that doesn’t fit the plumbing works in the floor or wall.

Now for the fun…ask yourself, ‘what do I look for in a toilet?’ 😝
Some of us prefer the smooth and sleek, others opt for rustic personality!

The traditional Close Coupled Toilet is no longer hitting the mark in terms of looks and many are parting ways. You might say it’s not ageing well. 😉 Nevertheless, if you are on a tight budget, it is an important consideration. These guys win the dependable contest every time, they are easy to retrofit and give your bathroom a traditional vibe. They do lose points in the hygiene game however as they can be difficult to clean.

Here at Whiteson we love a good Back to Wall Toilet, they are smart, robust, easy clean and easy access toilets that tick all the boxes. Install is slightly more complex, but the end result is a dashingly modern suite that’s worth the work. These guys are in a slightly higher price bracket than a close coupled toilet but are still, for the most part, an affordable option.

Wall Hung Toilets are becoming increasingly popular, they are easy to clean, look great, can be installed at any heigh for your ultimate comfort and lend breathing space to a small bathroom. However, the in-wall cisterns can be difficult to access when necessary and these guys are pricey!

A Wall Faced Toilet with an in-wall cistern has similar pros and cons to its wall mounted cousin, but boasts more strength, being rooted to the floor. For this reason and also its hidden cistern, the wall faced toilet is an entirely vandal proof unit and ideal for commercial environments. This suite offers the personal space where a back to wall suite is not so giving and the peace of mind that is less obtainable whilst perched on a wall hung unit.

Just a few extras you may wish to consider;

Water efficiency, bowl shape and size, whether to go with a soft close lid, a touch free flush system, a self-cleaning or a hygienic rimless suite…

Yep that’s right, all the bells and whistles, and here you thought it was just a toilet!

In other news, the recent development of an easy height option in many standard toilet ranges is an added convenience for the elderly demographic and anyone who requires easy access facilities.

All things considered we hope you can meet your match and enjoy your trusty and shall I say extremely useful partner for many years to come!

All the best as you embark on your toilet finding journey,

Talk soon. 😊